The Clear Word


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In the March 16, 2006 issue of Adventist Review, Executive Publisher/Editor William G. Johnson wrote an article appearing on page 5 entitled “So Many Versions” in which he discusses “Which is the best Bible Translation?”  Point 3 of his answer states:

“The most popular paraphrases are The Message, The Clear Word, and The Living Bible.  They succeed in making the Bible come alive to modern men and women….
The Clear Word is an ‘Adventist’ paraphrase, incorporating insights from Ellen White.” (emphasis added)

Here they’re admitting that Ellen White’s “insights” are added to the Word of God to support Adventist doctrine.  You can read the article for yourself on the Adventist Review website.  We do not endorse the content of their site.

Not unlike Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons, SDA went and created their own Bible.  They do try to walk this back by calling it a paraphrase, but what they are less forthcoming with is that whole concepts are added to the paraphrase that do not come from the Bible.  Why would they do this?  Below are a list of my studies on the content and use of the Clear Word “Bible” in the SDA Church.  I am going to cover this topic by topic.


1.  Clear Word vs Bible: Doctrine of Hell

2.  Clear Word vs Bible: Doctrine of the Holy Trinity

3.  Clear Word vs Bible: Doctrine of the Sabbath

4.  Clear Word vs Bible: State of the Dead

5.  Clear Word vs Bible: Food Laws

6.  Clear Word vs Bible: Predestination

7.  Clear Word vs Bible: Drinking Wine

8.  Clear Word vs Bible: Visions of Daniel

9.  Clear Word vs Bible: Heavenly Sanctuary

10.  Clear Word vs Bible: The New Covenant

11.  Clear Word vs Bible: Micheal the Archangel

12.  Clear Word vs Bible: The Wrath of God