I am a lay Christian and currently attend services at a local LCMS Church. I created this blog to share my personal studies with anyone interested.  I am open to comments and critique.  However, I should take a moment to spell out how I strive to view/study scripture so that you know where I am coming from.

I believe that the Bible is the Holy word of God.  While I accept that there are many things that I don’t understand, I believe that it is inerrant.

Please do not see this blog as me attempting to teach the scriptures, but rather a formal public Journal of my study notes.   If any of my notes help you then I say praise the Lord.  Please do double check them against your own studies, and go to your pastor for your formal advise and scriptural council.

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  1. Walter says:

    Hello Br. Anthony, I read your testimony in Proclamation! Is it possible to speak by phone or to correspond by email? Walter. Calhoun, 30701


  2. Millard Lewis Powers says:

    Dear sir,
    I am currently a member of an SDA church, but I will probably be leaving it soon. I did not know their position on abortion when I joined. But, now that I do, I cannot continue to pay tithe there. Seeing that God counted it a sin worthy of the death penalty if one of two fighting men struck even accidentally bumped a pregnant woman causing her to miscarry, (and he said in one place, “Life shall go for life.”), I’d say he counts a baby as being alive from the moment of contact between the sperm and the egg. If it didn’t have life, why would it cost a man’s life? And it is NOT the woman’s decision, although she may like to think so. It WAS Eve’s decision to eat of the forbidden fruit, and how did that work out?
    I joined them because I do believe that Saturday is the Sabbath, and I had left my original church due to vicious rumors spread by my unfaithful first wife nearly two decades ago.
    But pronto, I saw that they are Ellen G White dependent. The verse of scripture that I’ve heard to be the very center of the Bible is Psalm 118:8, “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” With her, though, they are almost in violation of the first commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”
    In Sabbath School, I was once told by the teacher, that the writings of Paul are difficult to understand. Therefore, she left the interpretation of those to people who study those things. Well, at that point, I thought, “Uh, that would be me.” I began reading and studying the entire Bible (in the order in which it was written) in August,1990, and I’m almost finished with the eighth trip through it. I’m specializing in prophecy, because it is so important to us today. Add to that an intimate knowledge of the English language and a very good understanding of the English used in the AKJV of 1611 plus a good dictionary. I think I have a good chance of success in understanding Paul’s writing.
    I felt that she didn’t want to acknowledge my point as being correct, although I don’t see how it could have hurt anything if it wasn’t, with all the rotten doctrine they believe. Besides, I don’t have a university degree in theology, so I don’t know how to really foul things up!!
    Since then she’s been on roll, filibustering every class so much that hardly anyone can say anything.
    The Lord has been showing me many things concerning the end time prophecies that differ from the Adventist theory, but they don’t know that because I never get an opportunity to speak. We don’t have an official pastor, so they were always calling on pastors from other cities to come and preach before the coronavirus thing. Or they used a local doctor who’s counted as an elder. At almost every meeting, he terrifies the unbelievers and the gullible with the death toll and warnings to wear a mask, don’t go out, social distance, and use hand sanitizer, blah, blah, blah!
    Where’s their faith? I told them just yesterday about this time, “Jesus was not afraid of the fever that Peter’s mother-in-law had. He just took her by the hand and lifted her up.” I didn’t wear a mask until they quit letting me enter the gas station, and I never quit going out to do things. If God wants me dead, I’m going to die. If not, nothing will kill me — just like the three Hebrew children.
    But if neither the guest pastor nor the doctor show up, they don’t dare give me a shot at speaking (I don’t think of myself as a preacher.) I’m in my sixties and have had the Holy Ghost almost twenty-nine years and have received many great miracles from God, but they will sing ten songs while they look for someone to preach. And the person they find may even be their early twenties.
    The SDAs may be waiting for some things that will never happen. This year, God has shown me the true timeline of the 2300 day prophecy, but they’ll never hear it. Or, if they do, they’ll never accept it, because it differs from the Ellen G White’s “1844” version. You should expect the sun to go black any time now. We are further along than most people think!
    If you would like to hear more, send me your direct email. I’m currently working on a book to explain it in detail.

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    • Philipp3 says:

      1. There’s a difference between faith and presumption. God himself put quarantine and hygiene in place!
      2. Adventists do not agree with abortion, what are you upset about?
      3. You may be upset about a few people in the adventist church, however, Adventistism is a worldwide movement, there are good and bad in every institution


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