Ellen White

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This page is to catalog all my studies on Ellen White.  While SDA I was not a huge advocate of Ellen White, I was more into the Sabbath stuff.  But since leaving I have studied her for research purposes, mostly to help people that I know or have met online.


1.  Ellen White Refuted

2.  EGW Denies the Deity of Christ!

3.  Amalgamation

4.  EGW Prophecies England to Invade America!

5.  Last night I lay a dreaming…. Visions of Old Jerusalem

6.  No Hope of Heaven: Behind the Shut Door of Ellen White

7.  EGW Absurdities: Geology and Volcanoes!

8.  Ellen White: Claims Even Letters Inspired!

9.  Ellen White Teaches that Jesus Sinned

10.  EGW Teaches Satan bears our iniquities!

11.  EGW False Predictions of the End of the World

12.  But……. wasn’t Jonah a false prophet like Ellen White?

13.  The Racism of Ellen White

14.  The False Christ of Ellen White