Leaving Adventism


I was once Seventh-Day Adventist and left after carefully studying the Bible.  You can find all of my studies below.  Some are extensive and will lead you to a page with an entire series of blog posts, while other studies get right to the point with only one post.  If this is your first time I recommend you start with the New Covenant.

1.  The New Covenant

2.  Ellen White

3.  Investigative Judgment

4.  The Great Controversy

5.  The Clear Word

6.  The Lie Within and the Lie Without

7.  The Sabbath

8.  Five Flaws of Adventism

9.  State of the Dead

10.  Hell 

11.  Gospel to SDA 

12.  Food Laws

13.  The SDA System of Fear

14.  The Rage Stage



You can also find a listing of highly recommended resources for questioning or former Seventh Day Adventists HERE.

34 Responses to Leaving Adventism

  1. nelie Nel says:

    Email notesvplease


    • ISAAC DEBRA says:

      Hi friend, I no the grace is good for us. We believe Jesus deal for everybody’s sin (Rom 6:)so how can I continue to sin yet save by grace? JAMES 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. Reading and understanding the Bible, the Law serve as a road map to Jesus Christ and through that we are save. Remember Jesus said that He did not come to destroy the law. Though Jesus death is automatum of our salvation, we must not also forget that without law There would not be no condemnation of sin and that no sin also no Satan. Read the following for further explanation:
      1JOHN 3:4
      ROMANS 4:15
      ROMANS 3:20
      PSALM 111:7,8
      PROVERBS 5:22
      JAMES 1:23-25
      EPHESIANS 2:8
      ROMANS 1:16
      ROMAN 7: 22


      • nursingninja says:

        I would disagree, the law is supposed to shut you down and kill you so that you are ready for the gospel. See Romans 3:19-22, so when we get to Romans 3:31 we know that the meaning of that is in the context of the earlier verses. Specifically, the manner in which we uphold the law is by preaching it lawfully in such a way as to shut the mouth of a sinner, so that they are wholly condemned and ready to hear the shed blood of Christ for the forgiveness of sins.

        I actually address James 2 in my blog, I recommend you read that. Basically, James still teaches salvation by grace alone through faith alone. This is proven in that the events of Genesis 15 occur before the events of Genesis 22. For more on that read my blog on James 2.

        Your primary error is in your assumption that the sabbath is even part of the law in the new covenant. It is not, Jesus fulfilled that in the verse you quoted (Matt 5). See my blog on that for more details.

        The sabbath is clearly part of the old covenant which was abbrogated. See Heb 8:13, lest there be and confusion read on and notice that Heb 9:1 re-iterates that he is speaking of the old covenant and then verse 4 specifically mentions the ten commandments as being part of the old covenant which 8:13 abbrogates under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit just a few short verses beforehand.

        So the sabbath is obsolete my friend. I would recommend reading my blog a bit closer, if you see I have err’d on anything specific please let me know. Sadly I think this comment of yours reveals that you didnt read any of my posts 😦


    • stanley Nyabuto Oruta says:

      What do you think about sunday? is it the right day for us to worship God? I think you are a false christian who left the right church and followed your ambition. according to your teaching have followed closely and have found that you followed your own philosophy. Have read the teachings of SDA, and yours and found that you just left because you wanted to make a lot of money. I was impressed with your teachings earlier before i discovered. I as a catholic believe that the true church is SDA. Because i do attend their camp meetings and do enjoy their teachings. I beg you to stop your bad feelings to the right church of which my church father told me, that’s the right church. Tell me which is the sabbath according to your teaching. If it can’t be saturday then you are a false teacher.


      • Armchair Theologian says:

        So just to summarize your argument, If I don’t agree with you then I am a false teacher? It sounds as if you have defined the standard of truth to be yourself. Please read the rest of my posts and you will see that my argument is entirely Biblical. It is not an argument of philosophy, quite the contrary, I can quote chapter and verse that fully articulates every major thesis of my beliefs. I ask that you take a closer look, particularly on my “New Covenant” posts.


    • Continue the tremendous work you are doing proclaiming the Present truth Message. Please I need more information from you soon.
      God bless you all.


  2. ISAAC DEBRA says:

    Hi friend i want we to study Hebrew 8:7_12 if u study it will is talking about two c covenant one in tablet one i heat these not mean the old time the little born. is mean old time God people’s go’s in their sinagos there only they see rol. but now every where in these word there is the world of God. so in low, we have ceremonial law and Molar law. we advertise believe Jesus is only the way. but you can say am save i am still do want I like


    • nursingninja says:

      I have to apologize, I don’t follow what you are saying. Although I think you are saying the moral law if the ten commandments from the mosaic covenant, to include the sabbath,must be followed but the ceremonial law, like not eating bacon, is obsolete.

      Problem is the ten commandments are specifically cited as being obsolete.

      Jeremiah spoke of a new covenant coming here:

      http://bible.com/59/jer.31.31-32.ESV “Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord , when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah, not like the covenant that I made with their fathers on the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, my covenant that they broke, though I was their husband, declares the Lord .

      We see that new covenant instituted by Jesus here in ~33 AD:

      http://bible.com/59/luk.22.20.ESV And likewise the cup after they had eaten, saying, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.

      And then the disposition of old verses new here:

      http://bible.com/59/heb.8.13.ESV In speaking of a new covenant, he makes the first one obsolete. And what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away.

      Then we see that Heb 9:1 specifically says that’s its talking of the old covenant

      http://bible.com/59/heb.9.1.ESV Now even the first covenant had regulations for worship and an earthly place of holiness.

      and then 9:4 cites the ten commandments as being part of said covenant that 8:13 abrogated.

      http://bible.com/59/heb.9.4.ESV having the golden altar of incense and the ark of the covenant covered on all sides with gold, in which was a golden urn holding the manna, and Aaron’s staff that budded, and the tablets of the covenant.

      There is no escaping this. By calling the new covenant “new” the old which contains the ten commandments is made obsolete.


  3. Lawrence says:

    Isaiah 8:20~to da law en to da testimony; if they speak not according to these words is bcoz there is no light in them
    2Thess 2:9-11~ they shall be made to believe a lie bcoz they heeded not the truth
    Saturday is da sabbath en is a sign btn God end His people(Ezekiel 20:12;Exodus 31:12-17;Hebrews 4:9)


    • Armchair Theologian says:

      First of all I recommend reading a few of my posts. Particularly the one on prooftexts. But I’ll address the ones you posted.

      1) Isaiah 8:20 is referring to the whole Torah not just the ten commandments. So by that logic you should sacrifice goats too.

      2) 2 thess 2 never mentions the Sabbath. Where are you getting that am I supposed to imagine it?

      3) Heb 4:9 is talking about Jesus not a day of the week. Notice a few verses prior he says “today” is the Sabbath rest. Read in conjunction with the preceding two chapters and its clear that Christ is our antitype fulfilment of old covenant Holy days.

      3) read exodus 31 and you will see old covenant promises were specific to an old covenant Jewish lineage that doesn’t include you and me and ended at the cross.

      Thanks for checking out the blog just the same. If you read a few posts and respond to the points I make I think it would help the conversation.


  4. phanuel kiriinya says:

    The law shows what sin is and the gospel points to the remedy for that sin which is the death and resurrection of Christ. If there is no law there is no sin and so what are we saved from? Only in the context of the law and its continued validity does the gospel make sense.
    So if the law was abolished then why are lying murder adultery still wrong and sinful? The death of Christ at cavalry shows the wonderful love of God for us and the immutability of the law


    • Armchair Theologian says:

      Well, you don’t sacrifice goats. Also you probably wear polyester and other things too. So even you would confess some old covenant laws are obsolete.

      Fact is the Bible is clear that the old covenant is obsolete. And that the ten commandments are part of the old covenant.

      In John Jesus promises that “all truth” will be revealed to the apostles:

      But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.
      John 14:26 ESV

      So why is it they didn’t teach the Sabbath? Why is it they even said it was only a shadow pointing to Christ (Col 2:16-17). If it is the last test of mankind why isn’t the Sabbath mentioned in revelation?

      I recommend you read my post on the Sabbath and the Law of Christ. Our prescriptive source of law is what Paul talks about in (1 Cor 9:20-23).

      He juxtaposes the Torah which included the ten commandments against the law of Christ. He said he is not under the Torah but under the law of Christ.

      Think about it, pray about it, and keep reading. This stuff was hard for me to accept too.


  5. joel pepulani chitaya says:

    do u even know what a convenant is because i c u mixing a convenant and the law,read isaiah 66 v 22 to 23,the sabbath will continue even after going to heaven and when in the new earth.and saying God made a new convenant with his people thru jesus is true,a convenant is an agreement or let me say lyk a promise its nthng to do with the law,read 2 john 6,mathhew 19:17,1 john 3 v 4,revelation 21v 8,in all these its jst refered to the law nt the new law or convenant,the same law jesus said came to fulfil nt abolish,the same law jesus made it into parts,love ur God which the first 4,love urself the other 6,to say apostles didnt preach about e sabbath is wrong,they did especially paul who preached to the gentiles and stayed with them on the sabbath to teach them,the jews already knew about the sabbath so they was no need 4 that,if the law was abolished why r people going to judged using it?i thought u had anythng new to say that i neva knew of,and ur wea neva an adventist.


    • Armchair Theologian says:

      Well first of all thanks for commenting. Second I recommend you keep reading as I answer all of these questions / concerns in my series on the new covenant. I recommend you take a look at the following posts.

      SDA Prooftexts Addressed

      Matt 5

      The Law of Christ

      The Sabbath

      You will see that the Bible does associate the mosaic covenant with the law. The ten commandments even. And then all are made prescriptively obsolete.

      We do see the apostles teaching law but they only teach the natural law if you will. This is how one biblically discerns moral/ceremonial.

      And the apostles never teach anyone to keep the Sabbath. Don’t take my word for it, there isn’t a prescriptive command by any apostle to do so. In fact there are clear places where the Sabbath is called out by the apostles as obsolete. (Col 2:16-17) (Rom 14:5).

      So I ask you to take a closer look friend. Please read those posts I recommended and let me know what you think.


    • Jehoshaphat Mape says:

      Brother Joel.
      Show us a bible vrs that says Paul preach about Sabbath to the gentiles.
      If you can’t find then I pray that you study the bible more n more.

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  6. Dave says:

    The only saving grace for Adventists. Is that Ellen White did not herself steal and plagiarize the many books ascribed to her. Those books were compiled by committee after her death. Including the many passages stolen from Mary Eddy Baker I.e. the health message.


    • Armchair Theologian says:

      I never heard that theory before, do you have a link to some research done on this that I could take a look at?


  7. Grace says:

    Hell is a choice i pray tht u go back to sda.god says if u love me keep my commands!


  8. bevon ombaso says:

    mr many old young middle age learned pple en educated pple all over the world have sat down read en read praying en fasting en finally they come to a point where God asures them that SDA is the remnant church of GOD en they go out preaching to those who know less like u en mi xo mr turn back ur getting lost u need prayers


    • Armchair Theologian says:

      The obvious problem with your argument is that many people make such claims. Mormons for example base their entire apologetic defense on personal revelation of truth. Scripture teaches that revelations such as these have ceased, which would include Ellen White and yourself. Instead let us rely on the Word of God. I have quoted it clearly and plainly in my studies. If you discern I have mishandled a Bible passage or Ellen White quote let me know in the comments. Otherwise I challenge you to submit to the scriptures and go where it leads you. God Bless.


  9. gary says:

    Those entrenched in legalism have blinders on thier eyes and try not to see what is clearly set before them. It’s easier to be told what to think like EGW did than it is revel in grace. I grew up in a Sabbatarian cult that traced its lineage back to William Miller and beyond. When EGW took off in her direction other sabbath keepers went their way eventually leading to the formation of the group I grew up in. Interestingly, that group eventually publicly refuted the heretical teachings of its founder. Grace trumps every single time!

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  10. Peter says:

    Love your comprehensive revelation on this subject of great controversy. I was also once an Adventist.

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  11. Stewart Lubega says:

    Keep up the good work sir… while some of the comments above are discouraging, you just open my eyes and from reading your posts I have come to appreciate scripture alone,that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone,through Christ alone and the glory goes to God alone…Thank you Armchair Theologian for i have left a cult that,for so long (20years),has kept me in ignorance and fear,you have taught me to question every thing,and now i use your very posts to preach to others,freely as I also received freely,may be some one shall be saved.I believe these sheep know their masters voice ,they will come out when they here his voice,BUT THERE ARE WOLVES TOO READY TO ATTACK YOU FOR THIS …keep up the good work

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    • ACTheologian says:

      Praise God! I am humbled by your words.

      If you’re interested hit me up on Facebook and I can get you into a Facebook group where you can talk to other former Adventists.

      Sometimes that can be very helpful!

      And I’m so happy to hear that your sharing the gospel with others. And that my blog has helped. I couldn’t be more blessed!

      Yes the gospel is truly free! Amen!


  12. Isaac lemuel says:

    to the poeple who still think that their denomination is the “remnant church” let me inform you that a denomination is not.You as an individual should ask yourself if you are among the remnant or not.At end times poeple will come up with visoins and claim that they are from God.In 3 John,the bible says that the unfaithful will think of themselves first and speak ill of the servants of God.They will even deny that Jesus is not God lyk EGW denies the deity of christ.But be aware of false prophets who come in the name of the Lord.

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  13. Connie Rodriguez says:

    Isn’t it funny that the Sabbath is what satan hates the most and what “Christians” don’t want to keep. No where in the Bible did Jesus say not to keep it read Luke6:5 if Jesus would have done away with the 10 Commandments which were written by Hod’s own finger not mans, He would have told His disciples at the last supper. He always made everything real clear


    • ACTheologian says:

      Where does the Bible say that Satan hates the Sabbath most?

      Also HEB 8:13 clearly states that the old covenant is obsolete. Lest there be any confusion, in 9:4 he identifies the ten commandments as part of the old covenant. No escaping that friend. Plain as day.


  14. Larry says:

    Any church teaching Christ and Lucifer on the same level at any time absolutely should be left in the dust. It is a sin to pay tithes and offerings to SDA church who call both Christ and Lucifer archangel. Just google the term: “The fact that he was an archangel, glorious”

    Rebellion originated with Satan…..The fact that he was an archangel, glorious and powerful… {ST, September 14, 1882 par. 9}

    EGW teaches the SDA christ as archangel too. So on some level the SDA’s must pray really carefully, cuz sometimes their prayers go to the wrong archangel!

    SDA teaching are a load of bollocks and are totally on the wrong side of 2 John 1:9-11, indicating they actually do not have God. But they will try extra hard to fool you about that. People who are liars, like Ellen White, never kept sabbath holy! Liars keep nothing holy! False prophets keep nothing holy! Deceived SDA’s keep nothing holy! What more can be said about the deception known as SDA?

    Adventism is 110% SIN. (Extra % given for their extra effort!)
    Adventism is merely a vehicle for blaspheming Holy Spirit.
    Adventism is a trick on the scripturally illiterate from the devil.
    Ellen White did not get rays of light from God’s throne!

    I plugged in “satanic majesty” on a egw search engine. One gave me 53 results, the other gave 109.
    SDA’s are very certain that their god regards satan as some sort of majesty!

    They show the fruits of a very errant spirit, not the Spirit of Christ.


  15. Hi!
    I have carefully gone through your study of the originality of Ellen White’s writings. It is a well-documented, written and designed study. Sincere congratulations!
    What puzzles me negatively about this subject is whether in such conditions Ellen White can still be considered a prophet and if Adventism without her could survive.
    I will not hide the fact that I am a Seventh-day Adventist and am seriously interested in this subject. Personally, I think an Adventist Sola Scriptura would be most desirable.
    On the other hand, the present organization, built according to Ellen White’s conceptions, will resolutely reject such an option.
    As for EGW, it was claimed that she strengthened, that is, justified, what others had discovered.
    For instance, I have identified, for example, a branch of Adventism from those who refused to interfere with the White couple when the current organization was created: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_God_(Seventh-Day)
    “The Church of God (Seventh Day) represents a line of Sabbatarian Adventists that rejected the visions and teachings of Ellen G. White before the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1863.”
    As for me, I joined Adventism without knowing about EGW. I was later surprised that I had to believe in a prophet outside the biblical canon. Personally, I would like to return to this initial experience.
    For me EGW is not synonymous with Adventism, but I admit, for most, there is this confusion, because their faith as built on her writings and not on the Bible.
    Your blog complements other similar studies related to EGW and I believe that the truth will become more and more obvious to everyone.
    So what do you think will be the future of Adventism?


    • ACTheologian says:

      I would have once shared your hope for a sola scriptura form of adventism. I don’t think that such a thing would be recognizeably adventist though. Maybe for a generation or two but not much longer. Why?

      Adventism doesn’t have a hermeneutic. If you study Lutheranism, Calvinism, Methodism, etc you will see each tradition has an approach to scripture that if followed consistently will produce the confessions of their faith.

      What adventism has is more comparable to Rome. You start with Ellen White and read it back into the text kind of like how Rome starts with the magisterium and reads it back into the text.

      You likely didn’t get this being a member. They usually just feed you the final product. There is a science to theology though and this process is what I speak of.

      I think if you removed Ellen White lock stock and barrel the first thing to go next would be the investigative judgement. One must concede all the details of that are in her writings. The Bible never talks about Jesus reading through the book of life and a recording angel watching etc after 1844. That would all be gone fast.

      Then after that teachings on God’s ontological nature would have to be revisited and they would come out very different. You’d probably end up closer to seventh day baptists when it’s all said and done. In which case they’d end up joining you just to simplify things.

      Just my two cents.


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