Lutheran Study Resources


I use a great deal of internet based resources in my studies.  If quoted in one of my posts I would have cited them there.  Not everything below is Lutheran specific, but all of it contains something I have found Biblically edifying.  Anything that has an “RSS” link can be subscribed to with an RSS Feed capable App.  If you use an android phone I personally recommend Podcast Addict.

1.  Fighting for the Faith (RSS)

2.  Worldview Everlasting (RSS) (Bookstore)

3.  Issues etc. (RSS)

4.  Alpha & Omega Ministries (RSS)

5.  Steadfast Lutherans

6.  Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

7.  Just and Sinner (RSS)

8.  Book of Concord

9.  Regeneration & Repentance

10.  Lutheran Satire

11.  Christ Lutheran Church

12.  Higher Things (RSS)

13.  Kretzmann Biblical Commentaries

14.  Christianity 101 Series: Rev. Ernie Lassman