Heresy and Heterodoxy


For anyone who doesn’t know, the above picture is a paining of St. Nicholas (aka santa clause) punching Arius at the council of Nicaea.  Arius is famous for denying the Divinity of Christ.  Next Christmas, remember that the first gift Santa gave us was punching a heretic in the face.  Though that is not my style, below I will be posting my studies on false teachings and comparing them to the scripture.

If a link is bold then it will take you to another page with a category of studies on that topic.

1.  Seventh-Day-Adventism

2.  False Laws and False Virtues

3.  Cessationism

4.  Frequently Twisted Passages

5.  Perseverance of the Saints

6.  Old Earth Creationism

7.  Local Flood

8.  Age of the Earth

9.  Paul was a Sinner

10.  Ishtar Meme –  Debunked

11.  Flat Earth

12.  Is the Death Penalty Biblical?

13.  The False Gospel of Mormonism

14.  The Failure of Decision Theology

15.  Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

16.  Papacy Examined

17.  Council of Trent: Canon IX