Five Flaws of Adventism


While discussing my studies regarding Adventism online I encountered a YouTube comment by Colleen Tinker.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with her work, among other things, she is one of the founders of Former Adventist Fellowship.

Her work helped me a great deal when I was conducting my studies, and I have since started attending her annual former SDA conferences in Redlands CA.  For the benefit of those reading my blog I am going to post her analysis of the Five Fundamental Flaws in Adventism:

Adventism’s worldview is not a biblical one but rather one that is shaped by the “great controversy motif”. First, Adventism believes in an unbiblical nature of man; it holds that man is physical with no immaterial spirit that separates from the body at death and survives with the Lord until the resurrection. The Bible teaches that man has a spirit that is separate from the body; it bears the image of God who is spirit, and that spirit is what is dead when we are born and which comes alive when we believe in the substitutionary death of Jesus.

Second, Adventism believes in a fallible Jesus who could have sinned, who inherited Mary’s genetic propensities to sin although He did not sin, who could have failed in His mission and thus fractured the godhead and plunged the cosmos into chaos (as Doug Batchelor says)…and significantly, Adventism believes Jesus forever relinquished the attribute of omnipresence, a loss which would render him NOT fully God, NOT of the same substance as the Father. In fact, Adventism does not believe the Trinity is one in substance; the Adventist “trinity” is actually a tritheism, the EGW “heavenly trio” rather than the classic Christian Trinity. This diminished, not-fully-almighty-God Jesus is left over from Adventism’s heretical Arian foundation.

Further, this unbiblical understanding of the Lord Jesus changes how Adventism sees “sin”. Instead of its being a spiritual problem that literally separates our spirits from the life of God, and since Adventism teaches that Jesus had no advantage we do not have, that He was EXACTLY as we are, this means that Jesus the Man had to avoid sin by prayer and dependence upon the Holy Spirit…and that He demonstrated to us that we, too, can avoid sin exactly as He did. But this teaching is false. No human—except Jesus—can avoid sin by prayer without being born again. Without our spirits being brought to life, there is no possible way anyone can overcome or avoid sin. Jesus did not have to be born again; He was spiritually alive from the moment He was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He was the only human ever born who was born spiritually alive. He was sinless because He was ALIVE. He avoided sin because He was sinless; He was not sinless because He avoided sin.

Third, Adventism teaches that the seventh-day Sabbath is eternally significant and that it will play a role in the final events of the world’s history. Adventism believes that when Jesus comes back, those who will be saved will be keeping the Sabbath. This idea is completely unbiblical. The saved will be saved because they are born again and trust Jesus. That is the only requirement for being saved.

Fourth, Adventism has an extra-biblical prophet. This prophet’s writings continue to have prophetic authority and explain Scripture to Adventists, providing the hermeneutic by which Adventists interpret the Bible. Christianity does not tolerate extra-biblical prophets. No matter how an Adventist may argue that EGW is simply a great devotional writer, all Adventists know that she is far more than that to the organization. If you doubt her significance, try admitting the truth that she is a false prophet. Adventists may say she is “not a prophet” if they are liberal or progressive, but they will not say she is a false prophet. That is very different. Moreover, whether they want to admit it or not, all Adventists share a worldview adopted from her great controversy, investigative judgment scenario.

Fifth, Adventism has a “different gospel”. They do not believe simply that humans are justified ONLY by believing faith in the Lord Jesus and His completed work on the cross. No matter their “brand”, Adventists believe they might lose their salvation if they give up the Sabbath. But even more critical and foundational, Adventists believe that Satan, not Jesus, is the scapegoat who carries away the sins of the saved into the lake of fire. Adventism teaches that Jesus’ blood transfers confessed sins to the heavenly sanctuary where they “defile heaven” until Jesus is done with the investigation there. At the end of His “heavenly ministry”, the sins of the saved are placed on Satan, the sins of the unsaved are rolled back onto the unsaved, and heaven is cleansed as Satan carries them away and is punished. This belief is utter blasphemy. The Lord Jesus has already born the sins of the saved on the cross. Satan never, ever carries the sins of the saved. He does not cleanse heaven by taxiing evil away from God’s presence. Jesus is the One who became sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

No matter what type of Adventist a person is, he or she holds an Adventist worldview. It is simply disingenuous to say Adventism is not “monolithic”. Of course it’s not…on the surface. But the fact that the superstructure of various Adventists may be different, their foundation is the same. It is shaped by the great controversy paradigm, and at its core is a different gospel, a different Jesus, and an unbiblical nature of man.

Though I can no longer remember the video that she posted the above comment in, you can find this and related works of their ministry HERE.

In each point above she has identified fundamental flaws in SDA belief that twist their doctrine into something that is not Christian.

Over the past year I have blogged on some of these topics and if you would like to know what the Bible says from a Former Adventist perspective please take a look:

  1. State of the Dead
  2. The Holy Trinity
  3. The Sabbath
  4. Ellen White
  5. The False Gospel of SDA

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I am a layman who blogs my Biblical studies. Enjoy, please read with an open Bible and do double check with your pastor.
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13 Responses to Five Flaws of Adventism

  1. Isaac says:

    First of all, this is as flaw in itself as the writer pins it on adventism. It lacks truth and basis of reasoning. And secondly this is just someone’s opinion, and it is Baseless As it has nothing to back it up, not be it a scripture or anyother form of reading or reference. Thus it can’t guarantee you to conclude of what is wrong and right as this is being judgemental as the bible condemns. Thirdly am entirely a liberal creature who entirely moves with the conditions of the world currently but this kind of preaching reveals some kind of hatred and immature thinking. That’s what I think.

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    • nursingninja says:

      I assure you that her points come straight out of the Bible. How about you mention a specific flaw that you object to the most and we can review what scripture says about that together?


  2. Simon says:

    It should be title 5 flaws some Adventists believe

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    • nursingninja says:

      These five flaws flow primarily from the 18th and 24th fundamental beliefs of adventism published by the general conference of the SDA religion.

      18) They confess Ellen White is a continuing authoritative source of truth

      24) They confess the belief in the investigative judgement

      Please let me know when they remove those fundamental beliefs. If those were to be removed I’m confident the errors that stem from them would get fixed quickly.


  3. Reuben Mwelwa says:

    SDA is the only Bible based denomination without church traditions. For your own info, The more you condemn SDAs faith,the more stronger they become. It’s easier to convert a moslem and others but not a real Adventist. Firstly,you must expose your own beliefs before before exposing such lies about us. You might hinder someone from our fold but you’ll never turn a single adventist. I urge u to preach Good news and call the lost souls to Christ than condemning and Judging. Even when someone understands your msg he/she doesn’t know your church. Before you talk about SDAs, first introduce your church, why do you hide your churches but so keen to condemn SDAs? Oh, it’s the fear of being attacked in what you believe in.


    • Armchair Theologian says:

      First of all the Word of God is efficacious (Rom 10:17). All I have to do is proclaim the word and it will do its thing.

      Second, SDA don’t preach the gospel to win converts. They preach the end times in the Daniel revelation seminar. Should make you think.

      Third, I’ve seen a lot of people leave both in person and online. People generally want to leave SDA they just think they can’t because of the Sabbath. But when you show them Biblically how wrong SDA are, particularly on the Sabbath, and then show them the real Gospel they are usually very happy to leave.

      Fourth, I don’t hide my church membership at all. I am an LCMS Lutheran. It doesn’t come up much because my conversations online are generally topical. And when someone is demanding to know then that tells me they havnt read my blog and that they are turning to ad hominem so I don’t bite.

      Lastly, I was surprised to find that SDA are pretty much wrong about everything bro. This isn’t condemning and judging as much as it is Biblical discernment. And if you think that’s wrong maybe you should check yourself for stating that SDA are the only true Church. Do you notice when you apply these double standards or does it just slip out like that?

      That said, thanks for commenting and keep reading my blog. If you see I’ve mishandled a Biblical text or Ellen White quote let me know.


  4. Stewart says:

    Arm chair am an Adventist and i have turned after reading many of your posts,i just don’t know yet which BIBLE BASED CHURCH to join.


    • Armchair Theologian says:

      Well I was in your shoes friend. Know that you’re free to shop around. The body of Christ isn’t contained under a single steeple.

      When the pastor isn’t preaching out of the Bible that’s usually a bad sign. When they tell you that you need something other than Jesus to be saved that’s a really bad sign.

      If you want a recommendation….

      I highly recommend Reformation theology. I knew at one point I was going to end up either Calvinist or Lutheran if I kept studying.

      I ended up LCMS Lutheran which was a shock to me as I was prejudice against them.

      I only say that because you asked. I don’t want to sell a particular denomination. Know that former SDA end up on a variety of places. That’s just how this works.

      But one thing you should look up is former Adventist Fellowship. If you live in California it’s worth a visit sometime. They meet once a week in redlands.

      If you don’t live in California, I recommend saving up and flying in next February for their Conference.

      You can find their website here:

      And their YouTube channel here

      2015 Former Adventist Fellowship Conference:

      I gave you a link to the playlist of the 2015 conference. It was a good one. If you subscribe to the channel you will also get all their other stuff.

      God Bless brother, and know you can email me anytime if you just want to chat. All I can say is I understand what you’re going through.


  5. Evin Tucker says:

    I once heard my current pastor say during communion that Jesus relinquished omnipresence eternally, even after returning into heaven, and therefore the only way He could remain present with us is through the Holy Spirit. I have also heard similar statements made in my Sabbath school class. I was shocked to hear this statement, because it is basically denying Jesus’ divinity. If Jesus doesn’t have omnipresence, and God does, then that means Jesus is not God, which in turn means you are not a Christian.


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  7. Is there anywhere where I can get evidence that Adventists believe in an unbiblical nature of man? Either officially, or in their reasoning from the bible?


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