Theological Debates and Controversies


One of the things that I find most helpful for personal study is to listen to professional debates on religious issues.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to read scripture and the theological works of experts.  There are advantages to listening to debates though that are not as readily available in other formats. This is because in a debate one is often forced to address the weaknesses of their beliefs that they would generally prefer to hide.

If you have only watched presidential debates then you have not seen a real debate.  You will not find any bantering of trivial questions and pithy answers here.  Sometimes you will get a few zingers for fun but those are not considered an actual argument here.  I recommend that you listen to each debate before reading my analysis, and I encourage the reader to please contribute your own thoughts in the comments.

1.  Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?: Dr. James White vs Trent Horn