Investigative Judgment


The Investigative Judgement  was never a doctrine that I was very serious about as an SDA.  The glue that held me to the beliefs of that Church was the Sabbath, something which should be obvious to anyone reading my earlier posts.  The reason that I am stating this is to make it clear that this issue is not so personal to me, and to point out that not all SDA believe in the Investigative Judgment, or at the very least, not as it is taught by Ellen White.

That said, I have found that a lot of SDA both current and former have been reading my blog in countries all over the world.  For their sake I have chosen to study this doctrine from an SDA perspective and provide a lay Biblical analysis for any and all interested.

1.  “Seated at the Right hand of the throne of God”

2.  “Shall not come into Judgment”

3.  The 2300 Year Prophecy

4.  The 490 Year Prophecy

5.  The Day of Atonement

6.  The 23 Assumptions

7.  The False Gospel of SDA


One Response to Investigative Judgment

  1. Evin Tucker says:

    I have thought about this for a while, and I have come to the conclusion that the investigative judgment is no different from the Catholic doctrine of purgatory. Which is ironic, given the very anti-Catholic tone in Adventist writings and eschatology.

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