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Thank you for this. I am also a former Adventists who became a Lutheran just over a year ago. Thanks be to God for the gift of His Son, whose death atoned for all my sin and the sin of … Continue reading

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Moses Junior Jesus Asante

I am a bible school student who is really interested in reading texts and scripts about interpreted scriptures. After reading your interpretations on various scriptures, my eyes have really opened and I have gotten a deeper understanding, especially on Matthew 5, … Continue reading

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I’m amazed that anyone could believe this false doctrine, but I’ve seen it in my own family. The IJ is so hopeless and depressing. It tears away any assurance of salvation, but instead instills a life full of fear and … Continue reading

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Gina Mathias

This is a great write. Thanks for sharing. I remember when I was young, being raised SDA having fear that I may have ‘missed a sin’ when praying for forgiveness. I see now that came from EGW false doctrine and … Continue reading

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I am grateful you decided to begin this blog. I have had lots of unanswered questions from both the Adventist and Baptist. I have reached a point where the truth is increasingly important. My questions are mostly about salvation. You … Continue reading

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Benjamin Campomanes

I am a second generation SDA. Was Adventist for 70 years. I transitioned out of Adventism since 2009. It was my son who encouraged me to examine very diligently the doctrine of SDA. I read the bible from cover to … Continue reading

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I like your blog and one reason is because you are using bible verses to put up your point……

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God bless you for your good works and I encourage you to do more. I have really come to understand many biblical teaching regarding church doctrines especially on the SDA issues. I pray that the holy spirit open and broadens your mind on … Continue reading

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May God bless you. I understand now.

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Larry Truelove

Thank you. I am learning a great deal about SDA-ism. I find your blogs informative and well documented. I was never SDA myself but I have relatives who are or were. And as I present the statements of EGW to … Continue reading

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